Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh, My Loves...

Emmie is 4 months old. She's pretty amazing but to be honest, she is our hardest baby. She finally likes Darren so I'm able to leave the house without her giving him a hard time but she still won't take a bottle and that has been a struggle because I keep getting thrush - we're probably just passing it back and forth ever so discretely. Or, get this. My doctor thinks it could just be inflamed milk ducts.

She thinks this because 1.) Emmie hasn't shown symptoms, and 2.) I was on an anti-fungal for two weeks and it got better then got drastically worse. Even though this has never happened before she said bodies get tired and worn out the longer and more times we do things. True dat, sister. So we're kind of stuck in a wait and see situation. Fun times. 

So back to Emmie. She is not a great napper and takes about 3 or 4 cat naps throughout the day (much like Maci did) and wakes up twice each night. We moved her crib to our room so she could get used to it and she does pretty well, then ends up in our bed after her second wake up of the night then she sleeps pretty solid. (I have to wake her up every morning so we can get Isaiah off to school. Crazy girl.) She's pretty go-with-the-flow as long as I'm around. She is very particular about who holds her and how they hold her. Unless it's me then she doesn't care - total mama's girl. 

Isaiah and Maci are pretty much her favorite people. They can get all up in her face and she just laughs and laughs. She rolls over both ways and scoots around on her back. She loves to suck on her hands and fingers and her eyes light up when I sing to her. She toots like there's no tomorrow and squeals when she's got something to say. And, you guys, the hair is STILL red! She's our little firecracker.

I keep thinking I should have her more on a schedule or better routine but I do this with every baby. I think I spoil the babies. Oh well, they end up being well-adjusted eventually.

Emmie is funny because she sleeps better when we're out and about. She loves her car seat and stroller the most, is mesmerized by Christmas lights, and has a really sweet personality...unless she's angry.

Oh and we keep waiting for the novelty to wear off with Isaiah and Maci but it has not. Emmie is still the coolest person in the family.

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