Thursday, December 8, 2016

How I'm Sort of Losing the Baby Weight

One question I've been getting often is: how are you losing the baby weight? I think I'm actually getting it more this time around than I did with my other two (and with those babies I was actually trying) and it's funny because this time around, every time I get an urge to get back in shape/get healthy/take my body back/etc. I end up with mastitis or thrush. For realz. I must just dress well or I'm simply strung out on coffee and no sleep.
Regardless. I'm going there. I decided to show my post-partum belly pics.
Top: 4 months post-partum
Bottom: 3 months post-partum

Left: 1 month post-partum
Right: 2 months post-partum
I'll be honest, I'm not unhappy with how far my body has come even if I'm not at my goal weight or as fit as I want to be. It's taken me three babies but this time I've learned to really go easy on myself. I just had a baby, it takes time to get back into shape. After having babies I have followed programs like P90X and Insanity, but this time around I'm operating on a do-what-I-can-when-I-can mentality...and it's working. I only have about 5-7 lbs. left to lose and can wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants (though, I did split a pair down the booty - good times). It's not extreme, I can't promise fast results for anyone but here is my one piece of advice for how I'm sort of losing the baby weight:
Yep, that's it. TA-DA. I eat when I want and I eat mostly healthy food. I eat cookies and I eat spinach - I eat bread and I eat veggies. The only diet restriction I have is no-dairy because of Emmie's intolerance but other than that, I don't even think twice about what I eat. The only shake I use is Orgain Slim and I love it just so I can get a quick protein-packed breakfast on busy mornings (no on likes a hangry mama).
As far as exercise, I have a couple of yoga DVDs I do here and there as well as some high intensity interval workouts that I have written down (they take about 20 minutes). I attend a kickboxing class when I can but mostly just love to run (read: jog slowly) for a few miles. Realistically, I probably workout 3 times a week...maybe. It's not much but it's where I'm at and for now, I'm okay with that. I mean, there's still 6 months until summer, right?

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