Saturday, July 23, 2016


You see that smile? That is the smile from a lady that knows she is about to have a baby very, very soon. Look, I know the end is not fun for anyone. Everything hurts, I'm tired, irritated, and intolerant of stupid behavior. But I am also very aware of how quickly this will be over. I know I won't be pregnant forever, even when it feels like it. 

We have been fortunate enough to get scheduled for an induction this week. It is elective because my health and Emmie's health is great. However, with my history of fast labors, we decided to get induced so we can avoid a side-of-the-road birth. Unless she comes before then, of course. We shall see.

Weeks along: 39
Cravings: sweets, I suppose, but nothing really sounds good at all at this point
Other symptoms: weak & nauseous 
Labor signs: lots of pressure and BH contractions, still.
What I look forward to most this week: seeing Emmie Jo's sweet face for the first time.
What I'm most nervous about: how bad my boobs are going to hurt.

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