Saturday, July 30, 2016

Still Pregnant

I'm currently living the expression: we plan and God laughs. I know labor and delivery never go exactly as expected but I was at least hoping I could sort of take the reigns on this one but no such luck.

For those of you wondering, yep, I'm still pregnant.

I was scheduled to be induced twice this week since I have such fast labors because we thought it was the best way to ensure I don't deliver at home. Or in the car. Or at Target. However, I was bumped both days because it's not a medical reason. So while I'm bummed I'm not holding my baby right now, I'm trying to have a good attitude because God already knows her birthday. And also, me and Emmie are healthy so there's that. Not even a little high blood pressure. And I'm actually not due until Sunday so how much can I really complain?

So now we're just waiting. And waiting.

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