Wednesday, July 13, 2016

37 Week Check Up

Here are the stats from today's appointment:

Blood pressure: 111/73
Weight gain: 38 lbs.
Belly measurement: 34 weeks (baby dropped)
3 cm dilated, 50% effaced
Baby's heartrate: 134 bpm

These are the exact stats I had days before I delivered Maci. I'm also having the same symptoms - pressure, BH contractions, and a lot of mucus (tmi, I know). I feel like she's really close and I'm really excited.

We also have a few projects that ideally I'd like to be completed before she comes (window sill replacement, broken oven, etc.) But I'm remembering that life goes on after you have a baby. We will be exhausted and delirious but we will be ok. And hey, we can survive without an oven for a while. I use my crock pot the most, anyway. ;)

Come on, Emmie! Mommy's ready.

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