Sunday, July 3, 2016

36 Weeks | LAST Month

Well, that's weird. I can't believe I'm in my last month of pregnancy. Ever. I still feel about 33-34 weeks pregnant because my brain just can't keep up with the weeks passing by. Strangers are starting to drive me bonkers too. Every single place I go, "How much longer do you have?" A few weeks. "You must almost be done!" Yes, I'm aware of how huge I am. "How are you feeling?" I mean, really? Do you care? You're ringing up my groceries.

I know people mean well and lots of people love a pregnant person but this is the attention part I can't stand about being pregnant. I feel so self-conscious and irritated. People are trying to be nice and I don't mind a good chat about the "beauty/reality" of pregnancy, but when it's all the time with people I don't know, it can be tiresome and this mama don't have time for that. ;)

Even though I have felt really (mostly) good this last half of pregnancy, the last two mornings I have woken up really tired and really swollen. I get hot flashes from things like sitting in church and getting in the car. And my back is starting to hurt more. However, I'm still sleeping great and the kids have been sleeping in until like 8 every morning and that definitely feels like one of God's many graces as we close out this pregnancy. Of course, summer helps. I may be sweaty and smelly but I am so thankful for the sunshine that has allowed us to do so many fun things and wear out my kids.

They are seriously the best summer babes ever. The wave pool, lake, splash pad, beach, zoos, and backyard sprinklers have been filling our days and allowing us some good sleep at night. We have also spent the last few nights bike riding in our neighborhood until bedtime because, well, no big deal or anything but Isaiah can ride his bike WITHOUT training wheels! Go, buddy! It took him 2 days to get the balance right and the third day to figure out how to stop and start without falling. I am so proud of him. He is growing up into such an awesome big kid.

And you know what? I thought preschoolers were my thing, but this whole big kid thing is totally my jam. Isaiah's noise and energy level has gone up a few notches but I love seeing his independence flourish. And let's be honest, it's so helpful. He can tie his own shoes, ride a bike on two wheels, fold and put and away his laundry, and load his dishes. He is so eager to learn, play, build, compete, and help me out. He is loving and kind and protects his sister like no other. I'm loving this phase of life.
He wants to be a scientist when he grows up. Or race bikes in the Tour de France.
And this gem. I just can't even. She is such a sister-friend. She hangs out with me and snuggles like the best of them. She is sassy and bossy and needs to be checked every day but she is going to rock at being a big sister. She's already trying to ride her bike sans training wheels and is constantly reminding me how fun it was to once be a girly little girl with a tomboy streak.

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