Sunday, June 19, 2016


I've grown a lot this week. A lot. A lot. I keep catching glimpses of myself in mirrors and windows and think, "holy crap! That's me?"

I'm still feeling pretty good so when I realize how big I am and factor in my weight gain, I can't help but wonder why things aren't hurting more. (Pretty sure it's the workouts I've done. Burpees until 32 weeks means no back pain apparently.)

I'm still swollen and sweaty and have crazy heartburn. I'm not able to eat much at a time even though I constantly have an appetite. However, I have been sleeping great and don't have nearly as many aches and pains as I did in previous pregnancies. I'm far less moody too. So ya know, that's good for Darren. Bless him. ;)

Appointment Update:
Weight Gain: 35 lbs. total
Blood Pressure: good
Baby Heartbeat: 164 bpm
Belly Measurement: 34 weeks

I also had my first, "Holy Crap, I'm about to have a baby soon. Like soon-soon" moment at the doctor. I go back in in 2 weeks but my doctor is on vacation so I won't see her until the following week. When she left she said, "Shannon will see you in 2 weeks and I'll see you in 3 weeks. You better not have the baby before then." I laughed because, hahaha why would I have the baby in 3 weeks? Then I realized it is totally possible. Time to start paying closer attention to all my contractions....

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