Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Homemade Nursery

We are so ready this time around. I can't believe I'm only 33 weeks pregnant and Emmie's nursery is done and we have a stock pile of diapers. I guess this is what happens when you're having a third. Most people think the more kids you have, the less time/effort you spend on the nursery. This is not the case for me. I wasn't able to nest and create a room for Isaiah because we lived in a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego and I always longed for it. So with Maci and Emmie I was able to create each of them a space before their arrivals.

The one thing you do get wiser about by the time you're on your third nursery: money. People spend thousands of dollars decorating a room for their little babies. Granted some of that is simply having to buy furniture but "bedding" alone will cost you anywhere between $200-$500. And guess what? Bedding is so not important. The bumpers are cute but are a supposed hazard now, the comforter is giant and purposeless. So you're really spending that chunk of money on a bed skirt and sheet. Which is a total waste of money. [1st baby: bought him a bed set ($200), 2nd: made her a bed set (getting better, less than $100), 3rd: bought a sheet and made a bed skirt ($30)]

The entire cost of Emmie's nursery was about $203. I actually only spent about $103 because so much of it was hand-me-downs or gifts.

First I painted her room in Behr Satin Dolphin Fin. $30

Project #1: Gallery Wall
For this project I took old frames (I know I'm not the only person with a  closet full of old frames) and spray painted them. I used metallic gold, light aqua, and blush pink. The arrow I had already made with left over wood and dark walnut stain.

For the inside of the picture, I simply printed out the saying I wanted (What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?), then watered down some paint I had to "water color" paint some flowers. Done.
Total cost: $12

Project #2: Mobiles

For this I used twine, 2 metal rings I found at Joann's, and assortment of scrapbook paper. Cut the paper into even triangles, punch a hole at the top and tie on with twine around the ring.

Total cost: $25

The sign was a gift from my sister-in-law. Isn't it perfect? I love it. I didn't have to spend money on this but I'm assuming based on materials it cost around $25-$30 to make.

I had extra scrapbook paper triangles, twine, and fake daisies from other projects and decided to string a banner across her window.

Curtains are light pink with white polka dots from Walmart. (Brand: Eclipse, Cost: $30)

This ribbon bed skirt was also a gift. My mom made this. It is simply different strands of ribbon tied to a string of twine that I wrapped around the bed springs. This is such an easy and functional way to make a bed skirt that looks whimsical and custom. (Cost was probably around $30)

Ta-da! Here's her sweet crib area.

Total cost for the floral letter: $25. Tutorial here.

Lamp: $15, form Walmart.

A few other touches I received as gifts or had on hand.

This was originally from TJ Max and I needed to find a use for it.

Shelf is originally from IKEA. We bought it straight out of college.
Fabric cube storage is from Target, $40 for all 4.

We are so ready for you, Emmie Jo!

I'm so excited to have this room done and ready for our last baby and even more grateful it costs very little money to complete. ♥

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  1. The ribbon bed skirt is brilliant. Great job by mom and thanks for sharing.