Monday, June 6, 2016

32 Weeks & a Baby Shower

Weeks along: 32
Baby size: 3.75 lbs. & 16.75 in. long
Cravings: All. The. Food. (Loving cherry tomatoes right now...pregnancy is weird!)
Currently reading: I'll Give You the Sun
Biggest Complaint: I have to pee all the time.
Highlight of the week: Glorious, hot sunshine and a baby shower spent with so many people I looooove!
When the Good Lord gives you 90* days and you are 8 months pregnant, you lose all feelings of shame and put on the only bikini that fits your behind and soak in some rays. (And you also look down and keep reminding yourself: yes, you did put bottoms on, they're there, I promise.)

My mom, sisters, and friends through me a shower over the weekend and it was lovely. Really. The food was so delicious, cake pops and cupcakes were adorable, and all the decorations were just precious. Emmie Jo is already so loved and I appreciated every single person that came out and contributed to the celebration of this new baby.
{It's all in the details.} Cupcakes done by a family friend. Ribbon banner by my mom. Cake pops & sign by my sister-in-law.

My sisters. ♥ Mom and MIL and little niece, Sidney.

The shower was held at my dear friend, Angelique's house. There were so many hands in this shower and I truly felt so loved.

32 Weeks Appointment Update:
Weight gain: 31 lbs.
Blood Pressure: good
Belly measurement: 32 Weeks
Baby Heartrate: 160 bpm

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