Sunday, May 8, 2016


Weeks along: 28
Sleep: good but sweaty
Baby Size: Eggplant
Energy: yep, I'm tired
Name: I have a name and I call her it all the time and Darren is yet to correct me or agree with me.
Cravings: cereal, French onion dip and potato chips, cookies,, you know, so healthy
Exercise: kickboxing and walking
Symptoms: I am so swollen. My fingers felt so tight in the middle of the night and I had to remove my wedding ring (already!) and buy a fake one. I never had to do this with Isaiah and Maci but the third time's a charm. I'm going to work on my water intake to see if it helps. My sciatic nerve pain is actually improving [most days] which is great. I'm mostly feeling the third trimester fog rolling in and doing my best to ignore it.
Mood: I'm in [mostly] a good mood, but I am feeling drained much faster than I want to. We have two weeks left of school and I am thrilled, ready for some relaxing days having fun with my kids.
Things I miss: jumping on the trampoline with the kids (it's been long enough), my balance, wine

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