Monday, May 23, 2016


Well, 30 weeks came fast...and so did the sweatiness. So sweaty. Constantly. Lower back and hip pain has kicked in and my feet hurt at the end of the day thanks to the 25 lbs. I've already gained. But in all honesty, I still feel pretty good. I'm still keeping up with all my people for the most part (though I need frequent potty breaks). My mood is pretty level - definitely more emotional but also way less crazy than my other two pregnancies (seriously, ask Darren).

Isaiah and Maci are super excited that we named our girl and when you ask Maci what her name is it's always: Emmie-Jo (like it's one name). And she says with a slight Southern twang that makes the name even more precious. She is so ready to be a big sister. I've also had a few friends have some babies recently, one I got to hold during Isaiah's t-ball game, and he came over excitedly from playing right-field to say, hello and pat the baby on the head. I'm pretty sure he thought it was Emmie. (Ta-da! Here she is!) I love that boy and his big heart.

I'm still pretty hungry all the time and like either super spicey or super sweet foods. I've been obsessed with Asian food and hamburgers pretty much the whole pregnancy and now I just want a side of donuts and cookies. Hence, why I've gained so much weight already. Whatever, man. It's my last one. IdowhatIwant.

I also have a new theory on how pregnancy goes month-to-month:
1st month - puking
2nd month- puking
3rd month - puking
4th month - puking
5th month - puking
6th month - GREAT!
7th month - heartburn
8th month - heartburn
9th month - squished

The end.

30 week check up update:
Weight gain: 30 lbs. 😨 For real.
Baby heart rate: 145 bpm
Belly: 30 weeks


  1. Your too cute, and I think your theory is right on, except I puke every day until the day I have them what gives!?