Thursday, May 19, 2016

Floral Monogram Letter How-To

Excuse me while I obsess over this sweet, sweet letter I made for baby girl's nursery. (And yes, we have a name!) 

Emmie Jo

I'm not sure who's more excited about it, me or the kids. Isaiah and Maci love talking about her and calling her by name. I think it makes it feel more real to them too. They are actually going to have a baby sister and her name is Emmie. Love.

So anyhoo, I wanted to do a single letter for Emmie's room. At Joann Fabrics they have these large cardboard letters (24" or so) for only $10. The only E left was ripped so I got a discount and it was only $8. Woop. (Nothing a little duct tape can't fix. My daddy raised me right.)

Originally I wanted it to be a sleek gold letter with a floral corner. So I used left over spray paint from a previous project and bought one bunch of fake daisies to hot glue to the corner. When I finished it. I didn't like it. It looked unfinished. 

After consulting my SIL, I decided to sleep on it. It either needed to be plain gold or totally covered in flowers. 

I decided to covered it in flowers. I went back to Joann's and got 3 more bunches of fake flowers (all 50% off). I removed the flowers and cut off the pointy plastic part and used a hot glue gun to randomly glue the flowers all over the letter. (And by randomly glue, I mean strategically place them so the colors were evenly distributed.)

This is what ended up with:

And I loved it! However, once I hung it I realized the bright pink flowers were too bright for her lightly colored nursery. So I popped those flowers off and added another round of soft pink flowers. I ended up with this:

And I love it. It suits the room perfectly and cost me less than $25 to make.

Supplies needed:
Letter(s) - $10
3-4 bunches of fake flowers - $12 ($3 each on sale)

What I had on hand:
Metallic gold spray paint (optional)
Hot glue gun & glue

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