Sunday, April 3, 2016


Weeks along: 23
Baby size: Large Mango or 11 inches
Cravings: Meat & Salad with a side of chocolate (thanks, Easter Bunny!)
Other Symptoms: Colostrum leakage. For real. I guess this girl will be well fed since I'm already working on my first batch. ;) Lots of BH contractions - especially when I do cardio workouts. Nerve pain every once in a while and my hips are starting to ache (girlfriend is riding so low, I can't even). Hungry. I gag really bad when I brush my teeth (I can't look at myself in the mirror or I'll throw up).
What I'm (surprised) I'm not feeling: Tired. Really, I was so exhausted with Isaiah and Maci and I'm actually feeling well-rested most days (though some days I just wake up a total grouch). Anxiety. I can thank the good Lord for this one - I'm definitely in a much better place spiritually than I was with my other two pregnancies. With Isaiah I had so much fear of the unknown. With Maci I had anxiety about loving my kids equally. This time around, I know God gives us enough love for all of our kids. He gives us enough grace to parent them. When we feel like we've run out, He will fill us back up. There is not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for unconditional love and never-ending grace.
Darren and I got to sneak away for a date last night - Shenanigan's on the waterfront at sunset on a GORGEOUS April night in the Northwest. You can't beat sunshine in Washington. You just can't. We were talking about life before kids and how it is so hard to remember what it felt like to not know Isaiah and Maci. Life as parents has gone so quickly but life without knowing them doesn't seem real. I truly believe God hand-picks our kids for us - they teach us so much about life and God's love for His children. Now we just have to wait and see who He's picked next. Will she be a wild card? Sassier than her sister? An intellectual like her brother? Goofy like her mama? Have a heart of gold like her daddy? Time will tell.

Date night for these old folks. (And yo, let's be real and check out my belly button. I have the deepest belly button and when I'm pregnant it just gets bigger instead of popping out. I told Darren that's why I don't get stretch marks: I store extra skin in the black pit that is my belly button.)

We topped Spring Break off with "camping" as Maci calls it. Or a fire pit with s'mores. ;)

We were so lucky to have such beautiful sunshine during our break - we hit up the zoo, parks, turned our backyard into a water park, and started work on our tan lines. C'mon, summer!

Appointment update from last week:
Heartbeat - 140 bpm
Mama's up 15 lbs.
Doc gave me my glucose drink to do next week (not excited or ready)
Hospital registration sent in (say whaaat???)

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