Monday, April 4, 2016

Salad Love

I have been so hungry lately. And I don't know about you but my eyes and appetite are always so much bigger than my squished stomach when I'm pregnant. Salads tend to be some of my very favorite things to eat because they aren't heavy and don't make me feel sick afterward. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. Each of these can easily turn into a hardy dinner too. (Just throw on some grilled chicken or steak with a side of garlic bread. Because bread.)

Sweet Bacon Salad
I love this salad. A family friend made it at a lake house get-together and I had to know what the secret ingredient was- COCONUT! I don't even like coconut and I make this all the time now. Delicious and easy.
1-2 heads of romaine lettuce finely chopped or shredded
1 package of cooked and crumbled bacon
Sprinkle in some parmesan cheese
Sprinkle in some shredded coconut
Drizzle Italian dressing
Sun-dried Tomato Salad with Balsamic
I concoct this every time I go to MOD Pizza. It is my favorite (I have a lot of those). Then I started buying the ingredients and just making it at home. Even better!
Mixed Greens
Sundried Tomatoes
Black Olives
Chopped Cucumber
Artichoke Hearts
Balsamic Dressing

Quinoa Salad
Confession. I've had some digestive issues with quinoa since being pregnant. BLAH! I'm not new to hormonal food allergies but definitely disappointed about this one. I just have to put less quinoa with this one. You can also mix the quinoa and veggies up and save a large batch to eat throughout the week (just throw it on top of some mixed greens).
Spinach or mixed greens
Cooked Quinoa
Black Beans
Chopped Red Peppers
Chopped Carrots
Chopped Cucumbers
Cherry Tomatoes
[Really, any veggies you love]
Sundried Tomato Dressing

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