Sunday, March 13, 2016


Weeks along: 20

Baby Size: Banana

Cravings: Meat. Sweet Potatoes. Pita Pit.

Morning sickness: I think I'm done! WHEW! I still gag really easily. I've been super sick this past week and I've had to use my inhaler and it totally makes me gag.

Other symptoms: Bad asthma and compromised immune system. I asked my regular doc about this this past week. (I had to go in for my asthma/chest cold and pink eye. Gross.) I don't really get sick all that often and my asthma is really well maintained, BUT when I'm pregnant I get sick so easily and my asthma is way worse. What gives? Well, apparently since when you're pregnant your whole body is inflamed, it can affect people in so many ways. Many pregnant women get sinus infections, I get bad asthma. Laaaame. I'm feeling very thankful for inhalers at this point.

Baby Kicks: Lots and lots of wiggles! Baby is so low. I can feel the baby kick ON. MY. CROTCH. I asked the doc about this a couple of weeks ago and she laughed and said, "Third baby. It's gravity." Good heavens!

I can't believe we're halfway. I've had such little time to think about being pregnant this time that it has already flown by. I feel far less anxious and way more at peace this pregnancy. I have no feeling whether or not this baby is a boy or a girl (I've only been right half the time) and I honestly don't have a preference. Boys are a blast but girls are so fun too. I'm just thankful God hand picked another kid for this family. I know God knows what He's doing...whoever you are, sweet baby, you will be the perfect fit!

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