Sunday, March 27, 2016


Weeks along: 22

Baby Size: Spaghetti Squash

Cravings: Meat and Donuts. I'm so fat right now.

Other symptoms: Well, I'm porking out a bit. My face and arms and back are thickening up like they do every pregnancy and let me just say, it doesn't get any easier for me. To put it plainly: I hate feeling fat and puffy. (I'm not saying this to get compliments or reassurance but just to be honest.) Do I feel self-conscious? A little. Do I think I'm gaining an unnecessary amount of weight? Not really. Am I intimidated about losing it after baby? No. There are just so many parts of pregnancy that make me feel like I'm not myself and this is one of them. Ah, well. Also, I'm really starting to believe that old wives tale about when mamas are pregnant with girls they steall all their beauty because seriously, I looked pretty dang good when I was pregnant with Isaiah. Granted it was my first baby, I was only 22 and super tan because we lived in San Diego but still. I'm just saying.

Kid funnies: So normally I'm small chested. Like itty-bitty committee small chested. But when I'm pregnant (and nursing) I grow a good 2-3 sizes. For realz. My kids are so confused. They don't have a memory of a mama with those things. I was snuggling with Maci the other day and she just started poking them and asked, "What are THOSE for?" Yep. Foreign objects to my kids.

Baby Movement: She is growing! I'm starting to feel more distinct movements and Darren can feel her kick all the way up at my belly button. She's still very low and loves to tap-dance on my bladder.

Nesting: I've painted her room and started a couple fun projects. It's always easier starting this early so I don't have to rush (or spend a lot of money) at the end. I've also been going through clothes, toys and linens to figure out exactly what we have and what we still need.

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