Monday, March 21, 2016

21 Weeks

It's official! We have another little girl headed our way this summer and we are so excited! The ultrasound last week ended up being kind of comical because of how the baby is positioned. I knew the baby was low but she is so low I had to lay on my side to get the proper measurements. I also had to empty my bladder three times because it was in the way. Yeah, she's that low. I hope she doesn't slip out too soon. ;)

Since finding out the baby is a girl, Maci has developed a whole new interest. She is obsessed with my belly and constantly wants to shop for things for the baby. She even will play with the baby toys that make music and tell me which songs we should play when the baby is crying. I think she's excited.

Isaiah was more confused than disappointed when we found out we're having another girl. "God messed up the pattern," he said (you know, because it should've gone: boy, girl, boy). That child is so left brain, I can't even. He then told me he still gets to have the baby sleep in his room sometimes. He's such a great big brother - he has a big heart and is kind and gentle and laid back beyond anything. I'm sure adding another girl to the mix will be a piece of cake. And can I just be honest? He is going to be the greatest husband one day. By the time he finds his bride he will already know how to navigate PMS and be so used to mood swings and hormonal women, it won't even phase him.

Darren and I are also thrilled, of course. Knowing is so fun. Now we can zero in on names and start decorating a nursery and day dreaming about this sweet little girl that is going to complete our family. God has blessed us beyond measure.

Here she is!

All the ultrasound pictures from each baby. (Top-Isaiah, Middle-Maci, Bottom-She Who Has No Name)

21 Weeks in all it's glory!

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