Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY Captain America Dresser

A few weeks ago, I finally decided tospruce up my son's dresser. About 3 years ago we converted his room from a jungle sports nursery with a crib to a superhero big boy room with bunk beds. My mom gave us this old, solid wood dresser that just so happened to match his bunk beds and I thought I'd eventually do something to update it. Three years later, it happened.

This happened to be one of those 70's or 80's dressers with those ugly, dangly pulls (if I had a picture I'd show you) and it just so happens no other knobs/pulls fit in the hole spacing. I filled the holes they left with wood filler, sanded the drawers after they dried, then drilled new holes in the center. I decided to go with simple knob.

After the three coats of navy, semi-gloss paint dried, Ilined up the drawers on the ground to make the Captain America shield. I printed out a star I found online and traced it through the paper, pressing hard so it would leave a slight dent on drawer. Then I free handed the circles around the star. I forgot to account for the space in between the drawers so the shield is slightly oval but no one really cares. I painted it in using red and white acrylic paint I had on hand.

I think it turned out pretty awesome and now my daughter wants one. I love when free projects make a big impact in a room.

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