Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mama's PICs

Ok. Recipe break. Let me just take a moment to give an update on these cute faces shown above. After all, that is the reason I started this blog way back when. I must say we are in a smooth sailing zone with these two. Sure, I have some bad days. Some moments are still r-r-rough! But, this is it. This is the stage of life where Isaiah and Maci become friends, they play together by themselves more often than me having to separately entertain them. They are my buddies, my comrades, my PICs. Yes, they still try to swallow me whole but for the most part I find these pockets of time in the day where I can, dare I say, go pee all by myself. Awesome.

Maci is feisty. She is hilarious. She is dramatic. 100% girl. Our hands are full with this one but she oh so sweet and snuggly and loving and smart. She puts herself in time out when she needs to, she loves helping me do my makeup, she loves taking care of her babies and jumping on the trampoline. She loves to blow bubbles and hunt in the dirt for worms. She's talking more and more. Still, many of her words are her own version but I understand her...most of the time. She loves to dance and has incredible rhythm. No really, this girl has moves. Her favorite songs are "The Way You Are," "Marry You," and "Talking to the Moon" by Bruno Mars. She's also a big fan of her brother and I'm so proud of how much he looks out for her. {Seriously, if someone is bugging her, he'll be the first to tell them, "Stop. You're making Maci nervous."}

Isaiah. Oh my. Where to begin? He is so much fun. He is sweet and reasonable and smart and funny and strong. The things he says are incredible. The other day he was showing me his art project from Sunday school. "It's a burning bush," he says. "Why was it on fire?" I tell him because that's how God wanted to talk to Moses. He says, "So Moses growed up from when he was a baby in the basket?" Then the other day he was burying his toy goat in rocks then pulling the goat out and saying, "He is risen!" I love how his brain works and how honest he is. I love seeing his sweet little hands fold in prayer with his eyes scrunched closed as he thanks Jesus for mommy and daddy and Maci and Skylanders [sigh]. He is full of life. He loves toddler gym, sports class, dirt, climbing, running, Skylanders, and Legos. He's still a mama's boy but loves to "wessel" with daddy.

We've been so thankful for the sunshine we've had lately. C'mon summer!

Cool shades, man.

I'm so thankful my kids love dirt. They have permanent dirt under their finger nails - a sign of great childhood! ;)

Darren and I escaped to San Diego the other weekend. He was there all week for work and I came for two nights. It was so much fun to enjoy the city we used to call home, see some (but not enough) of our friends, and eat, eat, eat some amazing, authentic Mexican food. Oh, and it was nice to get away from the kids a little bit and have some alone time. I was nervous. So nervous, I could have cried. But the kids were totally fine. I knew Isaiah would be but since Maci is my shadow I thought she might have a rough time. Nope. I guess my kids are more well adjusted than I thought. We must be doing something right.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose. | Romans 8:28

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