Monday, February 10, 2014

Leftover Night

I never quite understand why people say they don't like leftovers. I didn't realize those people existed until I became a mom. I hear it all the time, "I don't like eating leftovers." "My husband won't eat the same thing twice in one week." "My kids think it tastes like old." Shocking, I know. It's a conspiracy.

We love leftovers. As a matter of fact, I actually reserve one night a week for leftovers. My husband loves to take them work for lunch but I, even more than that, love to use them to help me make another meal. I'm convinced most people just don't know what to do with their leftovers so allow me to break it down for you. (Or just give you some examples.)

On Tuesday of last week I made crock pot Italian Sausage and Peppers over bow tie pasta. It's one of our favorites. But even I don't want to have that for dinner Tuesday and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. Instead I made this:

Italian Sausage, Peppers, & Broccoli Egg Scramble

I ate this for breakfast twice. Heat up the sausage and peppers, scramble a couple of eggs, broccoli, add the sausage and peppers, and add cheese. Voila! Fancy breakfast in no time.

Homemade Mac and Cheese

What kid doesn't like Mac & Cheese? I made this for lunch with the leftover bow tie pasta from Tuesday night. Simply heat up the noodles in a pot with 1/4 c butter and 1/4 c milk. Add 1-2 handfuls of shredded cheddar and Colby Jack. Add salt and pepper to taste. Done. And guess what? You didn't have to even cook noodles.

On Thursday night I made a Balsamic Pork Roast. Really yummy. I love roasts but I love them even more because of the leftover meat. Usually I'll turn it into pulled pork sandwiches but on Friday I made this:

Shredded Pork Tostadas

Simply heat up the pork with a little cumin and chili powder, shredding as it warms up. Place on top of a tostada and add all the fixings. Easy as that.

Leftovers don't have to be the same exact thing you had the night before but can easily become meal prep for the next meal you plan to make.

Think twice before you throw out those "table scraps."

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