Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Food

When Maci was almost 6 months, I realized I needed to start making baby food again. Ugh. I can't help but be honest. That's how I felt. I don't really care for one more thing to do. So, instead of putting my big girl pants on and just doing it, I visited the baby food section at the grocery store and started buying Gerber's "first step" baby food jars. They were $0.99 for two containers which is not expensive at all so I thought I was totally justified.

I didn't buy much. Just enough to get us started. Then when I was running low on something, I realized it goes too fast and I don't want to keep buying it. So instead, I put my big girl pants on and just made it myself. Plus, the food combinations I like cannot be found at the store. Gosh, it really is so much easier...and cheaper! 1 can of pears(canned in water...very important!), a handful of spinach, and one banana makes a full ice cube tray of baby food! And only retails for about $1.50. Do you understand what that means? You are paying about 800% mark up when you buy it already made. In other words you get 8 baby food jars, for the price of 1. How's that for perspective?

Crazy! Here's how I make my food:

1. Take desired ingredients and place in blender.
2. Blend. (I use our actual blender or the Magic Bullet. No, you don't need a special baby food maker).
3. Pour the puree into an empty ice cube tray.
4. Freeze.
5. Once frozen, dump the baby food cubes into a labeled Ziploc bag.
6. Microwave a cube or two at meal time until defrosted.

That's it. Easy. And it doesn't take up space in the pantry.

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