Thursday, February 28, 2013

Isaiah is TWO and Maci is 5 MONTHS!

There have been a lot of happenings in the Moss household. Isaiah turned 2!!! And Maci is now 5 months! Have I said, "time flies"? Can I say it again? Holy cow. Life is over in a blink. I remind myself of this often, especially during the tough moments because I know it won't be forever. Afterall, my kids are at the age where they may not remember the things I say or the things I do but they will subconsciously remember how I made them feel and I always, always, always want them to feel loved.

Isaiah turned 2 this month and to celebrate we rented our Jumpin Jack and Jill and had a bounce house party. So worth it. He is getting so big. I say this all the time, but really. He's such a kid. At his doctor's appointment the doctor said he has the muscle mass of a 4 year old. He weighs 30 lbs and is 3 feet tall. He really is so strong. And funny. The kid is hilarious. And he's talking all the time - I mean full-on conversations with everyone. He also makes his cars talk to each other - he's doing a lot of pretend play. He loves his sister and is always talking to her too. Now that she's more responsive Isaiah thinks "she's funny." He also loves learning. He knows all his colors and numbers and most of his letters by sight. He can recite the alphabet and count to about 12. He also works electronics as well as I do. He amazes me. I'm so in love with him.

We finally took away the pacifier this week...4 days and counting! He asked for it the first two nights and we just said, "Not anymore, buddy." And that works. The only down side is he no longer naps. Oh well, he goes to bed earlier so I'm good. I feel bad taking it away because it was the only "baby" thing left about him (besides diapers) but I noticed his teeth starting to buck the slightest bit and I really don't want it to affect his teeth. He still loves the outdoors - climbing trees, jumping in bushes, digging in the mud, and stomping in puddles. Isaiah also attends toddler gym twice each week and is becoming quite the dare devil at home - climbing walls, jumping off furniture, running, jumping, name it. This kid is 100% boy and full of energy. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Maci is my dramatic, bubbly little diva. She is very picky and particular but laughs and smiles so easily. She's good with everyone and doesn't mind being passed around. When she's having a dramatic moment she usually just wants me. If she's having a dramatic moment with me it usually means she's really tired or needs to poop. She is a horrible sleeper. She only cat naps three times each day and wakes up at least three times every night. The last week it's been every hour. I'm dying. But I love her. She hates her crib for more than a couple hours so she sleeps with us most of the night. Despite my hesitation I let her try baby oatmeal a week ago to see if it would help and it made it worse so we stopped. I think it might be teething so we'll wait and see... I see cry-it-out in our future. :) She is rolling around like crazy but prefers sitting (almost unassisted) and her jumper.

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