Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Allow Me to Re-introduce My Two Favorite People...

I love these kids beyond words. They make me kinder, more patient, more loving, and more happy than I could have ever imagined. I'm so lucky to be their mom and I can't wait to see the adventures they bring me this year and all the years to come.
Isaiah. My vivacious, bossy, kind, little boy. He is sweet beyond words. Always talking to his sister - sometimes I swear they're plotting against me. This morning he was talking to her about cookies in the pantry (after I just told him, no). He's starting to call me mom or mommy sometimes, which makes my heart melt but it also makes me sad. It's just another reminder that he's getting older. He also prays. The other night before dinner I said, "Dear Jesus..." And he cut me off and said, "thanks for today, thanks for the food, thanks for the cars...amen!" He always tells me, "Love you, mama!" When he wakes up from a nap or in the morning, he runs down the hallway and says, "mama! I went ni-night!" He also told me, "you're so cute, mama!" the other day and I about died in laughter. He's really into where his food goes so now he always says, "Nogurt (yogurt) all gones in my belly!" as he tries with all his might to peer into his belly button. I could go on and on about all the funny things he does and says...he's the light of my day. We've also mastered time outs. He doesn't go often but when he deliberately disobeys I put him in timeout for 2 minutes and he stays there. When I go get him and give him a talking to about what he did wrong, he says, "Sorry mama!" And has a much better attitude after. I will admit it is so hard to put him in timeout. I feel like I'm being mean, but I know it's for his benefit. :)
Maci. My sweet, sweet girl. She has curves for days and smells like warm sugar and citrus (really, she does!). She's already turned into a mama's girl. If I walk into the room and she hears me and if I don't immediately pick her up or acknowledge her (even if someone else is holding her) she fusses until I give her attention. We're two peas in a pod already - she'll stay up at night to watch Real Housewives or Lifetime movies with me. Darren said, "See? I knew you'd love having a girl." She smiles all the time and is giggling more and more. The other day I was picking a booger out of her nose and she was cracking up. She also rolls on her side when on her back (she loves sleeping on her side too) and sticks her bottom in the air during tummy time. She's very squirmy during tummy time - she likes to move! She also loves when I sing to her. She smiles at me like she's been waiting her whole life to hear me sing! It totally boosts my ego. ;) She reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment every day.

I look forward to what this year will bring our wonderful family. Happy New Year, everyone!