Friday, December 28, 2012

Maci is 3 Months Old

Our sweet girl is 3 months old and growing so big. She's quite the chunk and I'm in love with every sweet roll. :) She has a very sweet temperament but has her dramatic moments. She very rarely all-out cries. She started giggling last week and it's getting easier and easier to get her to laugh. I love it! My children laughing is probably my favorite noise of all time.

Nursing has been going really well. She only nurses about 5 minutes or so every 3 hours. And...dun da dah! I no longer have to use the nipple shield. While the shield is way more convenient than bottles, not using the shield is even more convenient! I never knew! I wasn't planning on not using it since I used it for a year with Isaiah. But one day I thought, why not see if she'll latch? She did and we've been shieldless since! Can I get a, "woot! woot!"

While we're on the topic of nursing, a friend of mine posted an article a while back about making sure you're eating right while nursing and I pay way more attention to what I eat this time. Every Christmas cookie was consumed with a little more guilt and regret. :) I also discovered that I'm allergic (or extremely sensitive) to eggs now. Such a bummer! I love eggs but they have given me the craziest stomach cramps since having Maci. [sigh] Life goes on...

Maci is a decent sleeper, I suppose. Some nights she wakes up just once, others 3 or 4 times. Luckily, it's just a brief wake up and she goes back to sleep within a few minutes. She's still in our room in the rock and play sleeper and then our bed (for usually half the night). I'm getting ready to do sleep training but haven't gotten around to it. Plus, I'm such a sucker when it comes to my kiddos and I savor every moment when they just need their mama. ;) One thing that makes Maci very different than Isaiah is that she doesn't nurse to sleep. Almost ever. She prefers a pacifier or to simply be rocked. She also will fall asleep on her floor gym or if she's just laying down. Isaiah NEVER fell asleep playing. Silly girl!

Isaiah is still doing really well. He always wants to hold Maci but still gets a little rough at times. And if he needs me or wants me while I'm nursing he says, "Close your nurse, mama." It's pretty cute! We've recently moved his nap time up to 12:30 which changes our schedule a bit but it's working well for us so far.

Until next month...

My whole heart. Isn't this just to die for?

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