Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Months Gone By...

11 lbs. 13 oz., 22 inches!

The Family Comedian!

As I sip on my afternoon coffee, listen to Christmas music, and start decorating for the season, I can't help but feel like I'm living in a dream. Both my babies are sound asleep and the rain is softly tapping on the windows. Now if only if I got a shower and my makeup done, this would be a scene straight from an ABC Family Christmas movie. :)

But really, who cares? I know Isaiah and Maci don't. Isaiah just wants me to play and kiss his boo-boo's all better and Maci just wants to nurse and cuddle. I still can't believe they're both mine. So sweet, so innocent...so mischievous, at times. I love all the moments, all the moods, all the messes...all of it. Maybe not all the time but once I get a chance to reflect on the chaos that has become my life, I can't help but feel overjoyed. There's a sense of calmness in my heart and my home that I've never felt...even when Isaiah colors on the floor and Maci just wants to be held and dinner is burning on the stove and Darren will be home late...again. This is my life. And I love it.

I can hardly believe two months have passed since my sweet Maci was born. It flew by but I can hardly imagine how we lived a lifetime without her. She's so sweet, peaceful, mellow, and at times, a drama queen. Darren thinks she's a little fussier than Isaiah and wants to be held more, but really I think it's just that we put her down more. We can't always hold her the way we did Isaiah. It's good that she fusses for us to hold her though. It reminds me to not "forget" about her while I play with her big brother.

Maci seems to love everybody and is smiling a ton! She laughs in her sleep and likes to roll to her side. She sleeps at least 5 hours straight at night then gives me another 2 or 3 hours before Isaiah is up. She has slept 7 hours straight a few times already and I can't even believe how GOOD that felt! I've been blessed with two good sleepers...they must take after me. I love my sleep!

Maci is growing so fast. She nurses about 6-8 times each day and she's fast. Only about 5 minutes and she's done. She's chunking out quickly so clearly she's getting what she needs. It must be the "cream" I make. ;) It's kind of nice that she finishes quickly so I can get back to playing with my little guy.

Speaking of Isaiah, he is doing AMAZING. I really, really, truly could not have asked for a better transition. He's had his moments with sharing (especially with younger kids) which could be related to age just as much as getting a new sister. I wanted to share a few things I make sure I do with Isaiah that I believe have helped make the transition:

1. Go on "dates" - just me and him...like old times. We go to the library and ice cream or simply run errands together. It's sweet because while we're driving he asks, "Where Maci?" or tells me where she usually would be. We do this about once each week.

2. 30 minutes of undivided attention every day. This sounds like very little (at least it did to me when I read about it) but 30 minutes without distractions can be difficult. It means no phone, no TV, no diaper changing, no soothing a crying baby, no nursing, no answering the door, no cooking, no cleaning. Nothing but 30 minutes of straight play, reading, singing with Isaiah.

3. Nursing toy basket. These are suppose to be special toys for when mama is nursing the baby only. We ended up putting puzzles and games on the ipad for Isaiah and that's what we used. He snuggled up next to me while he played. It also satisfied his curiosity about nursing. Now he's oblivious except when I'm using the cover...then he thinks it's a game.

4. Keep busy and keep a routine. This so helpful for me too! I used to rock Isaiah to sleep for nap time or go for a stroller ride, but my arms aren't always available and the weather doesn't always permit so I just started laying him down, saying a prayer, and telling him, "Have a good rest, buddy. I love you." Now he just smiles back at me and says, "Have a good rest mama!" He usually sleeps (or at least stays in bed) for 1-2 hrs. We've also kept morning time, our outing time - play dates, errands, etc. Back by 2 to nap up by 4, dinner, play, get ready for bed, snuggle with a show, in bed by 8. Up by 7:30 to do it all again.

It hasn't been smooth every day. We all have our moments. But these things have made a difference and I've quickly reached a point where I feel like, "I got this," when I wake up. Unless Darren's home...then it's like, "Honey, you got that and I got this." ;)

Helping with the Christmas tree.

Tummy time!

One of our dates!

Getting used to the bumbo! She seriously has great head control. :)

Isaiah loves to play with her. Sometimes he loves a little too hard, but he's learning. :)

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  1. Wow! It sounds like things are going so well for you and your family of 4. My daughter did much better when her brother was added to the family then we thought she would too. It was so wonderful! Happy holidays!