Monday, October 1, 2012

Maci's Birth Story

I wanted to make sure I documented the story of her birth as soon as I could because it all happened so quickly and I don't want to forget. No really, it was almost a home birth. On Tuesday afternoon I took a nap with Isaiah and woke up still feeling exhausted and super uncomfortable. I then had a very uncomfortable night...back hurt, peeing a ton, couldn't relax and get comfy. I started feeling like the end was close. Wednesday was a somewhat normal day except I had a ton of mucus (icky, I know). I told my mom and Darren and said I bet she'll be here by the weekend. Darren said, "or tonight." Yeah right, I thought since I wasn't having many contractions (just the usual BH). That night we watched a movie and went to bed around 10. Here's how the rest of the night went down....

12:20 AM I woke up with the strongest contraction. I was thinking, this is it. 6 minutes later I got another one and woke up Darren. "Honey, I'm in labor." It was practically like one of those movies where the wife wakes up dramatically, announcing that it was time. 5 minutes later, another contraction. So Darren called my mom and she made her way over.

1:20 AM My mom arrives. (The plan was for her to stay the night with Isaiah and my dad would take over in the morning so she could come to the hospital.) By this time I was laying on the couch, moaning and feeling like such a wimp. I mean, I'd been in labor for only an hour. I told my mom, "Labor is stupid. I want my epidural as soon as I get to the hospital." She prayed for me.

1:30 AM We leave for the hospital. Sitting in the car felt horrible and I couldn't wait to get there but still told Darren to drive safe. He ended up running some red lights in downtown Tacoma. :) At this point my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I may have even cussed a few times.

2:00 AM We arrive at the hospital. I can't walk inside so we wait for a contraction to pass. Get inside. Another contraction. I'm on all fours on a bench in the hallway. I tell Darren he's not getting four children. We check in at the emergency room. They say, have a seat. Ha! I bend over a chair, trying not to moan too loudly in fear of looking like a wimp. There was another preggo getting wheeled up with me. She wasn't making a peep.

2:15 AM We're directed to our triage room. I immediately went to the bathroom and started taking off my clothes. I think I put the gown on. Maybe just halfway. It's funny how taking your clothes off is one of the having a baby instincts. Anyway, the nurse comes in right away and says, "I need to check you now. You sound ready." She checked me. "You're a 10 but there's a tiny bit of cervix that still needs to open so lay on your side." I do then asked for epidural. "Honey, you don't have time." "What?!" I admit of all the things that can go wrong I never thought I wouldn't get an epidural and a wave of panic rushed over me. I had no time to mentally prepare. Ever see Knocked Up? I swear that was me..."We have time! I'll stop pushing!" :) The doctor arrived. It was time to push. Darren leaned over and prayed for me.

2:28 AM I remember saying I can't. I felt more of an urge to kick and arch my back. My nurse, Jan, grabbed my knee and said, "Does it hurt? If it hurts I want you to push harder." So I did...I mean I PUSHED! Five minutes later my sweet little Maci Abigail was on my chest and in my arms. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and looks a lot like Isaiah but totally like herself. Meeting her was such a beautiful moment. So surreal. Having a baby is like falling in love. You spend your whole lifee without this person and then, in a single moment, you can't picture the rest of your life without them. God is so good.

Maci Abigail
Born September 27, 2012 at 2:33 a.m.
6 lbs. 15 oz. 18.5 inches

So I labored a total of 2 hrs 13 minutes including 5 minutes of pushing. My doctor and all the nurses said if we have a third baby we'll need to get to the hospital even faster or seriously consider a home birth. I think her being a smaller baby was God's kindness and mercy. He knew it'd be an all-natural birth.

Isaiah has been adjusting well so far. He always is asking for her, asking to "hold it," and sits with me while I nurse her. He calls nursing her "fasis" (his word for pacifier) and will say, uh-oh the whole time. I'm sure why. :) I'm recovering well and my milk came in after only two days. Maci is already up from her discharge weight and her pediatrician said I make cream not milk. Hehe! So now we're just busy loving our new family of four and feeling more blessed than we could have ever imagined.