Friday, September 7, 2012


I'd like to say I worried for nothing but that'd be a lie. Maci is my baby girl and it is my job as her mama to love her and worry about her. There's this part of me that, KNOWS I don't deserve Isaiah or my husband or any of the things I have in my life. And yet, God has still blessed me with them. Why would he give me someone else just as precious. But he has. I am in awe of God's grace.

At the ultrasound today I could feel my heart race and my eyes kept darting from the screen to the tech's face. She went about it like it was a regular ultrasound. Most of the body part measurements were between 34-36 weeks, the fluid level was normal, the heartrate was 134 bpm, and the estimated baby weight is 5lbs 9 oz. Maci is extremely low. So low she couldn't really measure her head and literally had to tilt the table so i was upside down so she could somewhat measure it. :) Maci is healthy and growing, she's just a little baby girl. Based on the ultrasound she is in the 30th percentile.

I used to think people who had to get extra ultrasounds during pregnancy were so lucky because they get to go see their baby. No, they aren't. Extra ultrasounds are so stressful. I would much rather have a text book pregnancy than sit through an unexpected ultrasound hoping and praying everything is okay. I am just so thankful everything is okay and appreciate everyone's prayers so much.

Now we wait. I wonder when she'll arrive...

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