Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When my husband gets home from work and asks, "What did you guys do today?" My answer always is (no matter what we did in addition), "We played." When we moved into this house we weren't looking for a four bedroom but now that we have one we're so thankful for the space! It's AMAZING how quickly a home can fill up. We left the 4th bedroom pretty empty until recently and we've debated over and over what to turn it into. First we said a media room/man cave. Then an exercise room. Then a guest room. And finally, a play room. This made the most sense and we quickly flipped to drab and empty to fun and colorful this week. Just in time for Maci. (I feel like I'm bribing her to get here now).

It is incredible how many toys you can accumulate for one little person. We've also been very fortunate to receive several hand-me-downs from neighbors and friends.

The process of making the art work for the room. "I painting!" he said the whole time.

Isaiah's masterpieces.

I used scrapbook letters for the words then let him paint all over it.

The finished product! We've already spent hours and hours in here. I LOVE having a place for all the big toys. It's the "no clean up" room of the house. Yeah!

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  1. How much fun! It's so nice to have a room where you can just "throw" stuff into :) I LOVE the artwork! Good Job little man!