Monday, September 24, 2012

And now we wait...

Because that's all you can do. I'm 39 weeks and ready and excited to meet my sweet Maci. I'm still feeling very calm and content with waiting and I believe I have Isaiah to thank for that. I almost wish I had a child to take care of during my first pregnancy because nothing keeps you more busy and distracted than a toddler. :)

We went to my doctor appointment this morning and I'm up a whopping 34 lbs, 50% effaced, and 3 cm. My belly measured at 34 weeks which is up a centimeter from last week which is good growth but still smaller. I wonder just how little she'll be...6 lbs 9 oz. Final answer. Her heart rate was at 128 bpm. I asked Dr. Lee when she'll consider inducing (not that I want to just yet but because I'd like to be on the same page). She said after 41 weeks. I hope I don't make it until then!

I wonder when she'll get here...any guesses? Yours is as good as mine!

I've been keeping busy doing little projects I probably won't have time for in the months to come. The sign above was a must! Not because the doorbell or knocking wakes up Isaiah but because our dog goes psychotic when someone's at the door and completely disrupts my calm household. Not having that anymore! So far it's worked wonders.

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  1. Wishing you and your family well! Love reading your blog! I am not pregnant yet, but you have made it (a little) less scary to be by documenting! So thank you for that!