Sunday, September 9, 2012

37 Weeks and Feeling A Little Sluggish.

We're full term! But what does that really mean? I could go into labor at anytime or not. So in a way we're right where we were before - anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby and having no idea when she'll get here. All I know is that in the scheme of things she will be here soon. Whether that's this week or 4 weeks from now.

I feel somewhat content with being pregnant right now. But please allow me to change my mind next week. :) I am really uncomfortable, my hips hurt most, and my legs go numb so fast. I feel a ton of pressure just below my tailbone (kind of my bum), which is a funny feeling for obvious reasons. I also wake up to pee every hour pretty much. She's just that low. I'm also a cross between feeling really hungry and really nauseous. Oh the joys of the end of pregnancy. :)

Regardless of how I'm feeling physically, emotionally I'm doing pretty good. I feel ready and calm but not overly anxious about when I'll go into labor. I've developed a little bit of an allergy cold (Isaiah started it) so I'm hoping that at least clears up before Maci gets here. So today I'm being super lazy and I have no desire to get up off this couch!

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