Friday, September 14, 2012

37 weeks, 4 days Check Up

Today was my "38 week Appointment." We did it early because my doctor will be out of town all next week. Yes, really. I'm not worried though because I feel like I'm going to be pregnant a few more weeks. And right now I'm okay with that. Maybe because she's smaller or maybe because she's my second, I feel a little more content with letting her marinate as long as she needs to. That's not to say I'm not ready or excited to meet her. I just feel content. I'm not very anxious about when she'll get here because I know she will...some day.

Darren and I were talking weeks, maybe even months ago, and he said, "This is going by fast." Me: "The pregnancy?" His response, "Life. All of it. The pregnancy. Isaiah growing up. Just every day." And while some days drag more than others, I feel like I want to hang on to so many moments that pass so quickly. So I'm trying to keep this mindset until Maci's birthday arrives. God has already set the date and it will be perfect.

I'm officially up 32 lbs and my belly grew 1 cm since last week (I'm at 33 now). The weight is going somewhere though and hopefully it's not just my butt. ;) Her heart rate was all over - usually around 132 bpm but it went up to 160 bpm when I was laughing. Love this little girl! She already joins in on the fun. :)

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