Monday, September 17, 2012

2 Weeks Left!

How do I feel? Great! Is my answer for the most part since I'd rather not constantly talk about how uncomfortable, tired, and huge I am. I'm not getting a terribly high amount of contractions, just a ton of pressure. My lower back is getting that pinching pain and Maci's head is grinding on my pubic bone. Sometimes when I'm walking I have to stop and wait for her to move before I can continue - it's pretty painful. Regardless, I'm so thankful she's in the right position and so low pushing should be a breeze...I can hope, right?

Isaiah has been talking more about babies and even asked about her this morning. I told him she's still in my belly and he said, "okay!" and kept moving. I love that he had to check. :) He had a fever this weekend so I was hoping Maci wouldn't come yet. I'm such a baby when he gets sick. I hate it. I text my sister to warn her...he spent the night there again just days before. She said not to worry, kids get each other sick, it happens. I know, I know...can you tell she has three and I have one? I think he's on the mend today and hopefully will stay healthy for a looooong time.

Other than that, we're ready, Maci! But take your time if you need it. :)

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