Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When my husband gets home from work and asks, "What did you guys do today?" My answer always is (no matter what we did in addition), "We played." When we moved into this house we weren't looking for a four bedroom but now that we have one we're so thankful for the space! It's AMAZING how quickly a home can fill up. We left the 4th bedroom pretty empty until recently and we've debated over and over what to turn it into. First we said a media room/man cave. Then an exercise room. Then a guest room. And finally, a play room. This made the most sense and we quickly flipped to drab and empty to fun and colorful this week. Just in time for Maci. (I feel like I'm bribing her to get here now).

It is incredible how many toys you can accumulate for one little person. We've also been very fortunate to receive several hand-me-downs from neighbors and friends.

The process of making the art work for the room. "I painting!" he said the whole time.

Isaiah's masterpieces.

I used scrapbook letters for the words then let him paint all over it.

The finished product! We've already spent hours and hours in here. I LOVE having a place for all the big toys. It's the "no clean up" room of the house. Yeah!

Monday, September 24, 2012

And now we wait...

Because that's all you can do. I'm 39 weeks and ready and excited to meet my sweet Maci. I'm still feeling very calm and content with waiting and I believe I have Isaiah to thank for that. I almost wish I had a child to take care of during my first pregnancy because nothing keeps you more busy and distracted than a toddler. :)

We went to my doctor appointment this morning and I'm up a whopping 34 lbs, 50% effaced, and 3 cm. My belly measured at 34 weeks which is up a centimeter from last week which is good growth but still smaller. I wonder just how little she'll be...6 lbs 9 oz. Final answer. Her heart rate was at 128 bpm. I asked Dr. Lee when she'll consider inducing (not that I want to just yet but because I'd like to be on the same page). She said after 41 weeks. I hope I don't make it until then!

I wonder when she'll get here...any guesses? Yours is as good as mine!

I've been keeping busy doing little projects I probably won't have time for in the months to come. The sign above was a must! Not because the doorbell or knocking wakes up Isaiah but because our dog goes psychotic when someone's at the door and completely disrupts my calm household. Not having that anymore! So far it's worked wonders.

Monday, September 17, 2012

2 Weeks Left!

How do I feel? Great! Is my answer for the most part since I'd rather not constantly talk about how uncomfortable, tired, and huge I am. I'm not getting a terribly high amount of contractions, just a ton of pressure. My lower back is getting that pinching pain and Maci's head is grinding on my pubic bone. Sometimes when I'm walking I have to stop and wait for her to move before I can continue - it's pretty painful. Regardless, I'm so thankful she's in the right position and so low pushing should be a breeze...I can hope, right?

Isaiah has been talking more about babies and even asked about her this morning. I told him she's still in my belly and he said, "okay!" and kept moving. I love that he had to check. :) He had a fever this weekend so I was hoping Maci wouldn't come yet. I'm such a baby when he gets sick. I hate it. I text my sister to warn her...he spent the night there again just days before. She said not to worry, kids get each other sick, it happens. I know, I know...can you tell she has three and I have one? I think he's on the mend today and hopefully will stay healthy for a looooong time.

Other than that, we're ready, Maci! But take your time if you need it. :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

37 weeks, 4 days Check Up

Today was my "38 week Appointment." We did it early because my doctor will be out of town all next week. Yes, really. I'm not worried though because I feel like I'm going to be pregnant a few more weeks. And right now I'm okay with that. Maybe because she's smaller or maybe because she's my second, I feel a little more content with letting her marinate as long as she needs to. That's not to say I'm not ready or excited to meet her. I just feel content. I'm not very anxious about when she'll get here because I know she will...some day.

Darren and I were talking weeks, maybe even months ago, and he said, "This is going by fast." Me: "The pregnancy?" His response, "Life. All of it. The pregnancy. Isaiah growing up. Just every day." And while some days drag more than others, I feel like I want to hang on to so many moments that pass so quickly. So I'm trying to keep this mindset until Maci's birthday arrives. God has already set the date and it will be perfect.

I'm officially up 32 lbs and my belly grew 1 cm since last week (I'm at 33 now). The weight is going somewhere though and hopefully it's not just my butt. ;) Her heart rate was all over - usually around 132 bpm but it went up to 160 bpm when I was laughing. Love this little girl! She already joins in on the fun. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

37 Weeks and Feeling A Little Sluggish.

We're full term! But what does that really mean? I could go into labor at anytime or not. So in a way we're right where we were before - anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby and having no idea when she'll get here. All I know is that in the scheme of things she will be here soon. Whether that's this week or 4 weeks from now.

I feel somewhat content with being pregnant right now. But please allow me to change my mind next week. :) I am really uncomfortable, my hips hurt most, and my legs go numb so fast. I feel a ton of pressure just below my tailbone (kind of my bum), which is a funny feeling for obvious reasons. I also wake up to pee every hour pretty much. She's just that low. I'm also a cross between feeling really hungry and really nauseous. Oh the joys of the end of pregnancy. :)

Regardless of how I'm feeling physically, emotionally I'm doing pretty good. I feel ready and calm but not overly anxious about when I'll go into labor. I've developed a little bit of an allergy cold (Isaiah started it) so I'm hoping that at least clears up before Maci gets here. So today I'm being super lazy and I have no desire to get up off this couch!

Friday, September 7, 2012


I'd like to say I worried for nothing but that'd be a lie. Maci is my baby girl and it is my job as her mama to love her and worry about her. There's this part of me that, KNOWS I don't deserve Isaiah or my husband or any of the things I have in my life. And yet, God has still blessed me with them. Why would he give me someone else just as precious. But he has. I am in awe of God's grace.

At the ultrasound today I could feel my heart race and my eyes kept darting from the screen to the tech's face. She went about it like it was a regular ultrasound. Most of the body part measurements were between 34-36 weeks, the fluid level was normal, the heartrate was 134 bpm, and the estimated baby weight is 5lbs 9 oz. Maci is extremely low. So low she couldn't really measure her head and literally had to tilt the table so i was upside down so she could somewhat measure it. :) Maci is healthy and growing, she's just a little baby girl. Based on the ultrasound she is in the 30th percentile.

I used to think people who had to get extra ultrasounds during pregnancy were so lucky because they get to go see their baby. No, they aren't. Extra ultrasounds are so stressful. I would much rather have a text book pregnancy than sit through an unexpected ultrasound hoping and praying everything is okay. I am just so thankful everything is okay and appreciate everyone's prayers so much.

Now we wait. I wonder when she'll arrive...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

36 Week Meltdown

You don't have to tell me I look small. I know I do. I'm 4 weeks small to be exact. Maci's heartbeat was nice and strong. I'm 1 cm and 50% effaced. But I measured at 32 weeks. Dr. Lee thinks she may be a smaller baby and she is mostly in my pelvis. She said to pay attention to movement but everything is okay. After a few are you sure's, I left called my mom and broke down. Then Darren. Then my sister. Then a friend. I couldn't hold it in anymore. EVERYONE has said how tiny I am recently. I'm sure they mean, "You look great." But what I hear is your baby is tiny, something might be wrong.

So taking the advice of my sister I called the office and asked for them to please send me to an ultrasound. She said the belly measurement doesn't always indicate baby size or health (true, we all know people that were supposed to have 7-8 pounders and out pops a 10-11 lb baby) but she'd have Dr. Lee call me. As it turns out Dr. Lee had already sent a referral to radiology for me because after thinking it over right after my appointment she wants to be sure everything is okay. Thank goodness. I'm not a crazy person. I don't think of myself as being a hypochondriac but there's just this worry in my gut and I need reassurance. This pregnancy (while it hasn't been the worst in history) has already given me one too many scares. I go in Friday for the ultrasound. Please keep sweet little Maci in your prayers.

Other than that I'm pretty uncomfortable. My hips really hurt. I'm even walking almost pigeon toed because hips have rotated out so much to accommodate my baby. I can also really tell Maci is really working her way down because I feel a ton of pressure. I also get heart palpitations from time to time (from my heart pumping more blood). Those are strange feeling. I mostly just feel so ready to see Maci, count her toes, kiss her face, and bring her home. Almost there.

So needless to say, it's been an emotional day. My mom rushed over after I called her to spend time with Isaiah. She ended up taking him home for the night. He might even stay at his Aunt Jessie's house. I'm not sure which house. All I know is he where he is loved and I am where I can rest and recover from my meltdown. Why is crying so exhausting anyway?

Speaking of our evening plans, I am SO incredibly thankful for my family. Having them nearby has been such a huge help. What would I have done today without them? It's so special that they not only love Isaiah so much they take him no questions asked, but it's so reassuring to see how much they love Maci even though they've never held her, never even seen her. We are beyond blessed.

Keep growing, baby girl. There's a lot of people that can't wait to meet you!