Friday, August 17, 2012

Things I Never Want To Forget

As of last week, I officially have an 18 month old. This means he is closer to two than he is to one. Aaahh! Part of me feels sad because there are so many moments I wish I could freeze in time. The other part of me feels so BLESSED and excited. Every day Isaiah and I grow closer and every moment he's learning, saying or doing something new. It makes me realize even more how blessed we are as parents to rediscover the little wonders of the world through tiny, innocent eyes and chubby, toddler hands. Here are few things I never want to forget...

Isaiah got his frog cage and brought it over to me and said, "f***, f***!" Yes, that's how he says it. :) So I said, "Ok, let's look for frogs over here." He squats down and says, "Let's see..." And now he says that all the time - so sophisticated.

He used to say, "bye bye dis" every time he said bye but that's already changed. Now he says, "byyyyyeeeee!" He also says heeeeeey and everyone. Hello, Mr. Friendly.

My parents live next to a peacock farm and if you've ever heard what they sound like, you know it's a funny noise. Isaiah will, out of no where, say, "hooooow, hooooow!" and then say, "cock! Cock! Nena! Papa!" He LOVES my parents and asks for them every day. No joke. And when my dad is around, he doesn't leave his side. It's so sweet. I'm so thankful my kids get to grow up with their grandparents and that they are already so close. Side note: Isaiah just started saying "peacock" instead of "cock." Darren is grateful.

He calls all flying insects bees and upon seeing them says, "a bee! Shew fly!" He calls butterflies, fly-flies and flowers, flow-flows. He loves ALL bugs and pretty much anything outside.

He always says, "Where go?" Then upon discovery of whatever it is says, "der it is!"

Isaiah just started saying, "this/it mine!" Luckily, he does it in a cute and playful way (I hope that lasts!) and likes to turn it into a game. Example: showing me his smoothies, "this mine!" I say, "no, it's mine!" runs away screaming and laughing.

He loves to sing twinkle, twinkle and when anything is in the air, whether it's a "copter" "pane" "bubbles" or "shunshine," he puts his hands up and sings, "up above, up above" over and over. Yep, my heart is melting!

Just today I was getting him out of his car seat and I said, "What's stuck on your pants? Oh, food. Of course." He then says, "of course! Of course!" during our entire outing.

Seriously, where did my baby go? THIS is why "they" say to cherish every single moment. And this is how it feels to have your heart break with love and joy...a little more every day.

(18 month old stats: 2' 10", 29 lbs.)

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