Thursday, August 9, 2012

The 7th Month Slump

I seriously do not remember being this uncomfortable this early with Isaiah. But then again I didn't crawl around playing monster, run after a toddler, or try and play on the big toy at the park. I'm sure I look pretty ridiculous, but that's nothing compared to what I'm feeling. The pressure, the heartburn, the exhaustion, the nausea (it's baaaaack), the back pain, the all around discomfort is really getting to me. I'm even having trouble holding Isaiah and that's all he seems to want lately. It makes me sad, frustrated, nervous - ugh, I'm just having a tough time. I'm starting to realize why people wait 3-4 years before having a second baby. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret this at all. I'm so blessed to be able have children and being pregnant is truly a miracle but it's no joke either. And it certainly isn't for the faint of heart. Even if it is a so-called easy/text book pregnancy...what does that even mean? THIS ain't easy!

While laying in bed the other night, I said to Darren, "No matter what I say when Maci is 6 months to a year old, we are not doing this again for at least a few years." Without hesitating, he said, "deal." I think he knows I'm reaching the end and I think he's realizing how quickly I'm getting uncomfortable. I think he's also a smart man and knows better than to argue with a pregnant lunatic. Forget being nervous about introducing Isaiah to a sibling, I'm terrified about getting through the next month and a half because...well, let's just say I haven't been mom-of-the-year this week.

As I looked back at this blog from when I was this far along with Isaiah, I'm realizing I felt similar...kind of over it and ready to meet my baby. What pushes me farther into the 7th month slump is KNOWING that come next month, my discomfort level is going to make me lose my mind. I keep praying I'll go to the doctor and she'll say, "We made a mistake. You're actually 40 weeks. Would you like to get induced?" Okay, I know that's crazy talk. But I'm fearful of the end draaaagging on the way it does. Lord, please grant me an attitude adjustment. I know how quickly pregnancy is over and I know the crazy that is to come. But forgive me for not LOVING every moment of pregnancy and wanting to meet my baby girl.

4 1/2 weeks until we're full term, 7 1/2 weeks until the end. Time to let the clock count DOWN.


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  1. I know you already know this but it is all worth it. When you hold your baby girl you will forget about all of this discomfort & pain. She is going to be beautiful!