Sunday, August 26, 2012

35 Weeks! THIRTY. FIVE.

I've been so nervous about being small this week that I had to compare these pictures with when I was pregnant with Isaiah. While my belly is a totally different shape, my size is pretty similar. Man, am I OCD or what? You can see those pictures here.

Every day I feel a little more at ease with pregnancy. For some reason I get super anxious between 32 and 37 weeks. I think it's because your close to the end but not full term yet...why does it have to be so stressful? I have to admit being 3 weeks small last week has had me a little nervous. I KNOW she is low, it's just hard for me to not be by-the-book. I ended up asking my friend who's a labor and delivery nurse, Stephanie, her thoughts and she said just to pay attention to Maci's movement. If it decreases, go in. Thankfully Maci has been reminding me she's alive and well all day long but I'm REALLY starting to notice how low everything is. The other morning I felt her shoulder (SHOULDER!) bumping into my hip. I feel like I could sneeze and my water will break...oh wait, no, I just wet my pants again. Can I get some Depends up in here?

It really makes me wonder if and how early she'll get here. I can't imagine making it to 41 weeks but what do I know, right? Last night I woke up at midnight and couldn't sleep for two hours because I was having some serious stomach cramps (and other pre-labor things I won't get into on here). I woke up this morning not really feeling like myself. I even text my mom to tell her to keep her phone on her...just in case. Thankfully, I don't think she's coming today or anytime this week but my body is doing all the wonderful, crazy things it does to gear up for the real thing.

In other news, Isaiah has been majorly bonding with Darren. Of course, he's always loved him but I can tell more recently the father/son relationship is growing much stronger. He'll run over to him squealing, "Dada! Dada!" and get Darren to chase him around the downstairs. They'll do this for an hour and break a sweat and everything. They also flex their muscles and say, "rawr!" and he's learning about all the super heroes. They even sit and watch football together and Isaiah will say, "Boom! Crash! Bee-ball!...uh-oh." They're so cute together! Isaiah will even ask for Darren during the day. "Dada go?" "He's working." "K." It makes my heart melt. While he'll always be my baby boy, I've been enjoying how much he looks forward to seeing other people besides me. Today when I picked him up from the church nursery he didn't even care. He kept playing. I'm hoping this means we'll have a somewhat easier adjustment with the new addition. Wish us luck and pray for strength, patience, and mercy!

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