Wednesday, August 22, 2012

34 Weeks and Ready for Summer to Be Over!

Here I am, 34 weeks and a few days...two or three. I can't remember. Forgive me, but that's what it is these days. If I avoided the pregnancy brain fog at all this time around, then it definitely arrived in the last couple of weeks. Maybe it was the heat. Regardless, conversations are becoming more difficult. I lose my train thought (please don't interupt! :)) and sometimes I just feel kind of like I'm dreaming (foggy) while I'm talking. Definitely losing it a little.

I'm also ready for summer to end and fall to arrive. I love fall. It's especially beautiful in Washington. This fall, though, means quite a few more things: cooler weather (which I need right now), Maci's arrival, and Isaiah first time trick or treating...AND our first holidays as a family of FOUR! Very exciting.

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I'm feeling it all. Pretty nauseous - I couldn't tell you the last time I finished breakfast, swollen (ready for colder weather!), squished and peeing a lot (she dropped, I'm positive). I get a lot of BH contractions but some days my belly is just tight all day long. Ugh. So uncomfortable. I've woken up a few times in the middle of the night in the last weeks with some sort of contraction. Not strong enough to be real but more uncomfortable than BH...enough to wake me up. I'm going to talk to my doc this week about it. I know I'm close to full term and it's kind of the time where they don't want to "slow things down" too much, but also don't want to put me at risk for pre-term labor. We'll see what she says. I've also developed leg cramps...this did not happen with Isaiah. Those are really obnoxious.

I've decided to really, really try to not complain about this last month of pregnancy. I KNOW it will suck. But it IS worth it. And it IS over so quickly (in hindsight). Maci really is going to be here soon. Last night was Isaiah's first night away from me and he did fine. He asked for me but he loves his Nena and Papa. I did OK too...cried a little...not because I was worried. I knew he was in amazing hands but I cried because he's getting so big! And him staying at Nena and Papa's means Maci really is going to be here soon (this visit was mostly in preparation for my hospital stay). Speaking of hospital, I've already (mostly) packed my bag. Maci's clothes and bedding are washed along with all the toys and equipment that needed washing. I figure we have the energy and time to do it now so why not? Things are coming together. It's very surreal.

Lunch time at the counter with mama on a 90 degree plus day!


I brought a block of ice out on the deck. Isaiah had so much fun breaking it up and putting it in his water table. This ended up being a genius parenting idea. I'm sayin' :)

At our friends lake house cabin. It wasn't necessarily toddler proof but he had a blast just the same. Running around in the woods, climbing up to the attic, hunting for frogs and craw dads, and watching "big boats" go by. He's 100% boy and 100% busy. :) LOVE this kid!

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  1. I know you aren't feeling well but you look GREAT!