Wednesday, August 22, 2012

34 Week Check Up

I met with Dr. Lee today and I thought the strep b test was happening but it's not until 36 being the curious mama I am I asked her to check me anyway. She agreed, of course, especially after I told her about my tight belly and contractions and according to her, I'm not a dramatic pregnant person. Sweet, huh?

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. I am 1 cm dilated already, my cervix is very soft, and only 20% effaced. See? I'm not crazy...things are happening! I wasn't 1 cm until 40 weeks with Isaiah. Now I know this means a lot or very little so I'm trying not get my hopes up for an early baby (just not too early!). My belly measured at 31 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks small (what?!) which triggered a little panic in me. I've never measured more than a cm small at the end with Isaiah. Dr. Lee said it's because of how low and cozy she's sitting. IF, however, I measure 3 weeks (or more) small at our next appointment, then I'll be sent for an ultrasound just in case. I'm pretty confident in Maci's growth and I'm also confident in her position as well.

So now I'm really trying to get things in order...just in case. But, again, not getting my hopes up. They say to plan on going 41 weeks, right? Here are a few other stats from my appointment:

-up 4 lbs, 29 total
-heart rate 138 bpm
-BP great
-hospital registration complete

Getting closer...

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