Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maci - 28 Weeks Check Up

Heartbeat: 142 bpm
Belly measurement: 28 weeks
Weight gain: up 4 lbs, 21 lbs total (1 more than with Isaiah)
Symptoms: BH contractions, some swelling at night, colostrum leakage (yes, already!), sleepier than usual
GD Test Results: perfect!
Iron Levels: going back this week because the lab didn't test for that...oops. I'm not worried though since my iron levels were pretty high while pregnant with Isaiah.

We start our two-week appointments now...how crazy is that?! I say it ALL the time and I'm saying it again...this is going SO fast! We're actually almost done with Maci's room and I've started washing the baby gear (car seat, bouncer, etc.). It feels so surreal to me that she's really going to be here soon and I can't help but wonder about everything about her. Isaiah is such a character and nothing like I could have imagined and everything better than I did imagine so it makes Maci feel like such a sweet little mystery. I can't wait to meet her and see her face and kiss her toes! I'm a lucky mama.

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