Monday, July 23, 2012

Hospital Bag

There are so many sites and lists out there about what tp pack for the hospital - some are great and others not so much. Here is a list of what I plan to bring based on what worked last time and things I wish I thought of.

Mommy Items

1. Comfy nursing bras and underwear - no need to look sexy here.
2. Lanolin - the hospital gave me some but just in case, I want it packed!
3. Toiletries - the hospital provided some but I'm happier with my own. I loved buying toiletry sizes so I don't have to pack regular sized bottles last minute.
4. Make up - you don't need the whole kit and caboodle but pictures are taken...a lot of pictures. A little mascara and concealer goes a long way.
5. Hair dryer - I didn't bring this but the post partum room had one. I didn't really care to style my hair but on our last day there I dried it and felt so much better. A little primping (no matter how tiny) can really put some pep back in your step!
6. A new sweat suit to wear home - because you deserve something new and refreshing, even if it is just sweats. I remember seeing someone leave in a skirt and cardigan. She looked cute but it is totally impractical for me!
7. Back massager - for labor. We didn't bring ours and Darren bought one from the gift shop, thankfully.
8. Camera, battery charger, phone chargers - so important!

Baby Items

1. Extra onesies/sleepers - I only brought the going home outfit. The hospital gave me onesies but they were not as cute as the ones from home.
2. Going home outfit, of course.
3. Extra socks/mittens - Isaiah came out with such long nails and scratched himself pretty bad. I wish I brought extra socks for his hands.

Any other ideas?

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  1. love the new sweat outfit idea! I'm going to do the same :) After what we have to experience, we TOTALLY deserve it!