Sunday, July 15, 2012

29 Weeks

Pointing to where the baby is. :)

I, tired, large, squished, but, for the most part, good. I'm getting lots of BH contractions and I'm definitely swelling more. This last month has felt so busy to me, especially since Darren has been working a lot. Most nights by the time he got home from work (which had been late) I was so tired there were no words to even talk to him. I will say, though, I keep up pretty well during the day but crash hard at night.

I'm at that point this pregnancy where when I wake up at night (to pee, of course) I end up staying awake for a while before I finally fall asleep. It's frustrating because I feel like it's unnecessary practice. Hehe :)

Maci is moving tons and getting much bigger - she's reached my hips and ribs this week! But not in the painful/can't breath kind of way...yet. Her movements are slower, more defined and stronger now which is always exciting because I can somewhat distinguish how she's positioned. Fun, fun!

I've had several people tell me this week how "tiny" I am for how far along I am. The response in my head is "really?" Because, let's be honest, when you've gained a little over 20 lbs., have trouble finding things to wear (NOTHING fits!), and have reached a constant state of squished, "tiny" isn't a word I'd use to describe how I feel. So I usually just say thank you...but really, what do people expect me to look like? Hmmm...we'll see if they still say that in another couple months! :)(I've also had a few tell me how oh-my-gosh-huge I am...seriously, some people have no filter. I'm pregnant and tired. Be nice, please.)

As for news about Isaiah, he got two more teeth this week (top canines just broke through) and you wouldn't even know it. The kid hardly complains. I can also feel him approaching the 18 month mark because he is acting so much older. He's bossy now! He loves telling the dog no and pushing him around. He's also losing some of his shyness and is brave beyond belief! I might have a heart attack if he doesn't cool it! ;)

He's also started telling me (sometimes) when he's going poop - it's really hard not to laugh because well, it's pretty obvious. He also started to bring me a diaper and wipes after he's done (again, sometimes). This is exciting because it's an early sign of potty training! Yeah! Though I'm in no rush to get him potty trained before Maci arrives (especially since toddlers can regress a little when a younger sibling shows up), I'm excited that he's taking notice about what happens in the diaper...he also loves the book "Everyone Poops" right now. I think we'll be purchasing some potties soon to seen if he gets interested. We will see! Like I said though, we aren't in a rush - he's still my baby. :)

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