Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Little

There is nothing like hearing my toddler giggle with the dog as he stomps down the hallway to my bedroom to tell me it's time to wake up. And no matter what time it is...8:30, 7, or 5:45...I am always so excited to see his face and tell him good morning and let him tell me about his dreams. He loves his big boy bed, by the way. He'll go in there and lay down throughout the day, line up his stuffed animals and give each one a kiss. It's also base for any monster chases we have going on upstairs. I'm so in love with this little guy. I can honestly say, aside from Darren, he is one of my best friends. How could he not be? We do everything together. Even on days where he hangs with dad to let me rest, I find myself so excited to hear the garage door open letting me know they're home.

Isaiah is so smart, so curious, so sweet, and so full of life that I can't help but explode everything day with love for this little guy. How blessed have I been to watch him and hear him grow every day? Yesterday I was re-packing up his baby clothes to move out of Maci's room and every onesie or sleeper has it's own memory. Whether it was a diaper blow-out, a sleepless night, or one of his firsts, it really does make me sad to put it away and it reminds of how fast time has gone.

I can honestly say I cherish every sleepless night, every poopy diaper, every exhausted day, every stressful tear, every kiss, smile, giggle and hug. I'm no saint I've had knock-down, drag-out, awful days. I've wanted to pull my hair out, hide in the bathroom and cry, but those moments are temporary and don't come close to the moments of joy and laughter. Being Isaiah's mom has already taught me so much about myself and how to be more kind, more understanding, more patient, and more playful. And I am beyond thrilled to share this perspective with a new, sweet little girl. I don't know a lot about anything and I'm not a parenting expert, but my kids make me better and for that, I am blessed.

Enjoying a popsicle after a swim. Also, one of his new words. As a matter a fact, I quit counting how many words he says at 25. He's reached the point where he repeats everything and puts some sentences together. He's very verbal. It's pretty funny! :)

We got a kid sized pool and my mom got me a floaty (pregnant lady's got to stay cool this summer!) and Isaiah, of course, wanted to try it out too. He's such a water baby and loves the pool and the floaty.

This seriously is so amazing because it is relaxing to me and so much fun for him - he was screaming he was having so much fun!

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