Wednesday, June 6, 2012

23 Weeks and Isaiah's Big Boy Bed

Yes, I'm only 23 and a half weeks...but seriously?! I am showing so much now. I get a lot more attention from strangers and am constantly asked if I need help. With Isaiah I felt like, "Leave me alone. I can handle it." With Maci I'm like, "Yes! I need so much you want to clean my house while I take a nap?" My energy level is still pretty good but I do tire out pretty easily. After all, I am growing a person. I get very crampy at night (most likely from running around all day) and have really started to pay attention to my water intake. I'm usually really good about drinking half my weight in ounces but sometimes I'm so focused in on mom-mode that I lose track. And I definitely feel better when I'm fully hydrated. My hip was hurting really bad the last week or two but thankfully feels much better this week. My hips are now wider though. :)

Big bubble. I feel like Maci is much lower than Isaiah was at this point.

In other news, Isaiah is officially in a big boy bed! I can't believe it! We weren't planning on getting him in there full force until August or so, but we found some bunk beds on sale and had to take advantage of the bargain. We figured we'd just have him in Maci's room until we decided to make the switch. Instead Isaiah thought they were SO COOL that he made the switch himself. I thought the first night was a fluke because he was SO exhausted from hanging out at Nena's. It wasn't until the next night and the next night and the next night that I realized this is really happening. Two weeks later, there's no turning back! I am so thankful the transition was smooth. His doctor recommended switching by 18 months for safety reasons (once they start climbing, injuries are more likely to happen) and I completely agree with him, I just didn't think it would happen at 15 and a half! The above picture is of him playing with the box but I'll post more pictures of his super hero room soon. He's such a champ! One of his favorite things to say is "Big boy bed" now. He LOVES his new bed! Way to go, Isaiah!

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