Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen! We officially have a baby GIRL on the way and we couldn't be more thrilled. Had we not had an ultrasound last month I would've been completely surprised but since the tech hinted at girl, the idea of having a daughter has really grown on me. And now I can't wait! This ultrasound was much different than with Isaiah's. He was sleeping and we had to drink lots of water, eat candy, and coax him into showing the goods. This little girl is quite the wiggler and wouldn't stop moving! She was waving hello and showing us some awesome dance moves. She did manage to keep her legs mostly closed (good girl). However, they weren't crossed and the tech saw three lines that indicate girl parts...and there was definitely not a sign of a boy. So, we're having a girl! YEAH!

Now I'm officially ready to nest and decorate for this little one. I can't believe I'm already halfway done being pregnant. Yes, I fully remember the second half feels like the longer half but considering how fast this is going, I wonder if I'll have time to complain...yeah, I probably will. I feel mostly good. Tired. Lots of movement. Lots of stretching and cramping (I'm seriously so much bigger this time and have really popped out in the last two weeks). At least I look pregnant now, instead of just fat. :)
It was 80 degrees on Mother's Day (yes, 80. In May. In Washington.) so my big ol' pregnant, bikini-wearing bottom got lay out in the sunshine with a good book!

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  1. How perfect! One of each is awesome. It's the best of both worlds.