Wednesday, May 23, 2012

21 Weeks and Nesting Already!

Is it really any surprise? For those of you that really know me, I love to plan, I love to organize, I love to clean, and I love to decorate. I've been dreaming up baby #2's room since I took the at home test so when we found out she's a girl, it was time to execute! So this last week was spent starting to decorate the nursery. We still need to get furniture for Isaiah so we haven't moved the crib in there yet but the painting is done, curtains are hung, and my mother-in-law is making the bedding. We're very excited!
The wall art I made for above the crib.

This week was not only exciting because we started decorating, but because Darren got to feel her kick (she's just as wiggly as her brother) and we picked her name: Maci Abigail. This was mostly Darren's choice and I have to say, the name couldn't be more perfect! I can't wait to see what personality will go with such a sweet name.

This is the fabric I picked out for the bumper my mother-in-law is sewing.

Mama's big ol' baby gut!

At this point, I'm really reminding myself to ENJOY this part of the pregnancy because it really is the easiest, most comfortable phase. I feel huge but know I'm going to get much bigger. I feel tired but know I am at least comfortable enough to sleep. I feel hungry but know eating regularly sized meals toward the end is impossible. I am peeing often and I wake up twice each night already but I remember just how much more ridiculous that gets.

This pregnancy is going by very quickly so I'm trying to savor any quiet moments we have to feel her kick, dream up her personality, wonder if she'll have blonde curls like Isaiah, plot how to protect her from her first heartbreak, and anticipate how her arrival will add to our already blossoming family. Oh my sweet little Maci, mommy can't wait to meet you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen! We officially have a baby GIRL on the way and we couldn't be more thrilled. Had we not had an ultrasound last month I would've been completely surprised but since the tech hinted at girl, the idea of having a daughter has really grown on me. And now I can't wait! This ultrasound was much different than with Isaiah's. He was sleeping and we had to drink lots of water, eat candy, and coax him into showing the goods. This little girl is quite the wiggler and wouldn't stop moving! She was waving hello and showing us some awesome dance moves. She did manage to keep her legs mostly closed (good girl). However, they weren't crossed and the tech saw three lines that indicate girl parts...and there was definitely not a sign of a boy. So, we're having a girl! YEAH!

Now I'm officially ready to nest and decorate for this little one. I can't believe I'm already halfway done being pregnant. Yes, I fully remember the second half feels like the longer half but considering how fast this is going, I wonder if I'll have time to complain...yeah, I probably will. I feel mostly good. Tired. Lots of movement. Lots of stretching and cramping (I'm seriously so much bigger this time and have really popped out in the last two weeks). At least I look pregnant now, instead of just fat. :)
It was 80 degrees on Mother's Day (yes, 80. In May. In Washington.) so my big ol' pregnant, bikini-wearing bottom got lay out in the sunshine with a good book!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Isaiah is 15 months old!

And he's turning into such a kid! He's losing a lot of things that make him a baby and a part of me is so sad but I also love watching him blossom into such a handsome, fun-loving little man.

He weighs 26.6 lbs and is 32.25 inches tall, which puts him in the 85th percentile for both. When Dr. Delgado walked in he saw his shoes on the table and said, "whoa." I said, I know, he has monster feet. :) He's in a size 6 - 6.5 already. Based on that and how big he's been throughout the year, doc thinks he'll be a tall kid. This makes me laugh since Isaiah's nickname since birth has been "little."

He's doing great developmentally. Walking/running, communicating (he says 17 words. 17!!!), fine motor skills, etc. He loves to dance and be outside all the time (he will go to the closet and bring me my shoes when he wants go out). He interacts more with kids of all ages - he likes to give babies toys and hugs. He now wrestles (yes, WRESTLES) with his cousins and anyone else laying on the floor. He throws fits too. I've actually put him in timeout once and he stayed there. Most of the time though I just walk away until he's done. Discipline is hard. I know it's necessary and even though I want to give in most of the time, I know life will be better if I don't (especially with a sibling on the way). So I just take it one temper tantrum at a time. :)

Dr. Delgado recommended a book called, "Positive Discipline" and it talks about proper discipline based on personalities. He has a 2 year old girl and baby boy due in July so he and his wife are preparing for the same kind of crazy we are. It was nice that he recommended something that he's found personally useful. I just might check it out!

Regardless of the tantrums (which really aren't that often), I just can't stop loving and laughing with this boy! He is hilarious, silly, busy, bossy, gentle, kind, sweet, loving, and curious. I'm so lucky to be his mama (and best friend)!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

19 Weeks! GO COUGS!

I'm keepin' it real this pregnancy. I'm getting fat. Or at least I FEEL so fat because my belly is getting so big, so fast. Other than that I'm doing good. Still a little nauseous and tired but that's what happens when you grow a person. The baby is still moving around and getting stronger and the movements are more frequent. LOVE!

This weekend we did a "quick" roadtrip to Pullman to see my sister-in-law graduate from WSU. Isaiah had so much fun running around the campus and he got to go swimming in the hotel. He was screaming he was having so much fun. We couldn't stop laughing. He also learned to say, "Cougar" this trip. Gotta start 'em young, right? This trip was extra special for Darren and I because we haven't been back since we graduated...4 and a half years ago! Crazy! It's funny because it all felt so familiar and yet so new. It doesn't feel like it's been almost half a decade since we were there but when we think of how different life was then, it feels like a million years ago.

It's so interesting to see where life takes you...and how fast you can travel through it. When we were sitting in the Bookie (on the floor of the children's book section, of course) Darren was talking about how crazy it is that when you're going through school you're constantly thinking about how you can't wait to graduate and be done with school. And then you do and you start reminiscing about going back and the "good ol' days." So true. And I feel so fortunate that life can be so good in this moment and the future can look bright AND we still have SO MANY fun memories to look back on. We're already looking forward to going back and visiting all the important places that we didn't get the opportunity to see this time around.

Thompson Hall. Where Darren and I met. Where would we be if I hadn't asked that good looking know-it-all in the front row to be my study buddy?