Monday, April 16, 2012

Surprise Ultrasound

Baby #2's profile

Isaiah's profile...don't they look similar???

Today we went in for a regular check up. (And don't worry, I've gained back the weight I've lost plus 6 pounds. So I'm right back on schedule.) When we went to do the sonogram, Dr. Lee was having trouble getting the heartbeat and when she did, she could only grabbed it for a few seconds. She said my placenta sounded good but wanted me to get in for an urgent ultrasound to make sure the baby is OK. So, of course, I had a mini-freakout but tried my hardest to stay calm. Stress could only make things worse, right?

At the ultrasound we got to see our sweet baby #2! I love him/her so much! And he/she looks just like Isaiah did in his ultrasound...I only wonder if this one will be a brunette...hmmmm. The baby is doing great, everything looked normal and measured on schedule. I was having a contraction during the ultrasound so the baby was a bit squished but still squirming, kicking, and spinning.

We asked if she could see if it was a boy or girl and she said she couldn't see "anything" but it was too soon to tell for sure. Another...hmmmm. Maybe it is a girl! Wouldn't that be a surprise? To me, at least. Of course, we'll love this baby no matter what those parts are. We go in for another ultrasound in 2-4 weeks. :)

Overall, it was a great day. And I loved getting to see that sweet baby growing so big!

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