Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Sweet Boy!

Hello personality! Isaiah is really developing into his own person. He's imitating everything, talking a lot, and always letting me know what he wants. He seriously cracks me up every day and he has no idea what a character he is. Here are a few things that have happened recently that I always want to remember:

**The other night I was brushing his teeth before bedtime and he bit me...really hard. I yelled, "OUCH!" Then he got really serious and looked at me like he knew he did something wrong. So I said, "No biting. That hurts mama." We then went to change his diaper and while I'm changing him he starts yelling, "Ouch!" Then smiling. The next morning I was changing him..."OUCH!" And smiling. Little stinker...I'm sure glad I didn't yell something else.

**I started letting Isaiah take Grady for walks and now he is the leash that is. While he prefers walking Grady outdoors, he thinks it's just fine walking Grady around the kitchen and taking the leash (not attached to Grady) to the grocery store. :)

**At night, Isaiah, Daddy, and I snuggle up on the couch and watch Sprout. Usually Caillou and Pajanimals. Isaiah will watch them and start "laughing" at all the appropriate parts. I write "laughing" because it's a fake laugh and he'll look up at me as if he's saying, "Mom, this is hilarious, don't you think?" Well, yes, sweet boy, that Caillou IS hilarious! ;)

**He always likes jumping on the bed and playing basketball. And if I don't start cheering right after he bounces on his bottom or makes a basket, he turns and looks at me with the biggest smile on his face, waiting for my applause. It's like he's saying, "MOM! Did you see that?" I'm pretty sure we're not too far away from him ACTUALLY saying that. Crazy.

**Isaiah has always loved music and dancing and singing. It's something we do every day...all day sometimes! And I must say, he is such a good dancer! He recently started doing this one leg stomp while he's dancing. Darren calls it the stanky leg. :) I'm working on getting it on video...

Speaking of video. There are so many things I want to get on video or take pictures of, but I find myself doing less and less of both. Partly because it's hard to capture a moving object and the other part is because I'd much rather be wrapped up in the moment with my buddy.

There are also a few things I've recently remembered I said I would NEVER allow with my children that I now do:

**Pacifiers - I said it wouldn't go past one year old. It has and I'm OK with it...for now. It's only at naptime and bedtime and if it's the only "baby" thing he's hanging on to, who cares? I can't have it my way all the time.

**Velcro shoes - I used to say they were tacky and looked like orthopedic shoes. But they aren't always ugly shoes...sometimes they're downright cute. And on top of that, they are EASY and Isaiah loves to help me put them on. Velcro shoes win!

**Dirty kitchen and messy house - I have always been super tidy and clean. That just so happens to be nearly impossible with a toddler. Yes, my house is thoroughly cleaned top to bottom once a week. But I'll admit that I leave dishes in the sink, "forget" to always wipe the counter, or pick up toys. And you know what? I don't care. I'd rather play (or rest depending on the time of day). There will be plenty of time to clean later. Right?

Funny just how much life changes when a little person comes into your life. Priorities change. To say the very least!

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