Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isaiah's First Dentist Appointment!

Today I took Isaiah to his first dentist appointment...can you believe it?! He is getting SO BIG! I feel like I say this every day but it's so true. I cried after I made his appointment. I'm surprised I didn't cry after because he did so good. Of course, there's lots of fun stuff to look at and try and get into at the dentist. He sees Dr. Usha and I really liked! She has a 19 month old so she knows toddlers. I have to say, if I could give my pre-child self advise about choosing doctors, it would be to get pick people that have young children or are still in touch with what it's like. It makes for a much more comfortable, conversation-like visit.

Anyway, back to the appointment...Isaiah cried a little when we leaned him back to examine the teeth but it ended up being much easier for her to look at them. Once that was over he got to pick out TWO toys because he did a good job. He picked a horse and a fish (because he loves to go "blub, blub, blub"). I remember that being the COOLEST part of going to the dentist! Sometimes I still wish I got a toy.

The appointment was more about talking to Dr. Usha about our routine and diet and she said we're doing great. We brush Isaiah's teeth twice each day (after breakfast and dinner). He gets milk at breakfast and dinner so we're sure to brush them after he drinks it. I don't give him juice but he has had on occasion at his aunt's house. :) I give him sweets only sometimes but it's not really something we keep at our house so it's not a huge deal. He also gets fluoride drops once a day. He currently has 8 teeth and Dr. Usha said the molars are next...yikes! He'll go back in for a visit next year. :)

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