Sunday, April 29, 2012

18 Weeks...really?!

A few times this week I found myself saying or wanting to say I'm 16 weeks. Even yesterday. Seriously, time is flying! Sometimes it's flying so fast I worry I'm not getting to savor and enjoy this pregnancy. And by now I'm sure this baby knows how fly by the seat of her pants and just go with it. At least, I hope!

I'm still getting sick in the morning (off and on) and I'm feeling hungry faster. I find if I don't pack my meal with protein, I want to eat an hour later. I've developed pregnant acne (oh joy!) and for me it's not cute little pimples sprouting here and there, it's those deep unpoppable craters that lie below the surface, making it look like I have a growth or sore. Yuck...too much? Anyway, this week (or probably the last two) have felt a little more exhausting than usual. We were pretty busy plus Darren worked extra this week, plus I have a 15 month old...did anyone forget? (Side note: I've come to realize having a baby is much easier than a toddler. Not more enjoyable, I LOVE both stages. But having a toddler is work!)

I think the main reason I'm feeling so tired this week though is because of how EMOTIONAL I am...Lord have mercy! I remember crying a lot with Isaiah but this time it's almost embarrassing. I feel like a basket case. I cried at bible study Friday after sharing something that stood out to me in the study. Something I could have easily said 5 months ago without breaking down...and once I started, I couldn't stop. I felt like I could have laid on the couch and told everyone that I think it's so wonderful God chose for the sky to be blue and sobbed the whole time. Then today Darren decided to get baptized at church. It's something we've discussed him wanting to do (he was only baptized as a baby in a catholic church). Today our pastor had an open call for anyone who wanted be baptized and Darren decided today was the day. I tried my best to hold it together, then without warning a sweet lady came up to me and told me how wonderful this was and it was all out from there. And I'm such an ugly crier. Oh well, I love my husband and I'm so proud of him and my heart was exploding with love and joy. And who better to share that public meltdown with than our fellow Christians? I remind myself daily that God is so good. I just pray that he would help ease up on the waterworks for me or least make me a pretty crier. :)

Other than that, the baby is still moving. I can feel her getting stronger but I still only notice the movement a few times each day. Last night I woke up at 3 a.m. (to pee, of course) and when I laid down she went bananas. I probably stayed awake for 10 minutes feeling her do flips. It was like we were having a moment alone. Aaah, love it. Love her. Or him. :)

On a side note, can we please take a moment to appreciate skinny Caitlin? This was at 10 weeks. Geez louise, the growth happens quickly. And no, I didn't forget I have A LOT more growing to do!

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