Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts On Pacifiers

Alright, ladies, I need some honesty. I'm having slight issues coming to terms with the fact that Isaiah is a pacifier baby...scratch that: a pacifier toddler. I'm going to be honest, I've always thought pacifiers are for BABIES and once your BABY can start verbalizing, walking, etc. (basically becomes a toddler), a pacifier is a little inappropriate. That's my personal opinion. Now that Isaiah is nearly 13 months old, he is still using a pacifier and I feel almost embarrassed by it. Call me crazy if you want to but this is how I feel.

I was so worried about my nurse-loving little boy getting off the boob that I never thought "growing out of" a pacifier would be hard - it never really crossed my mind. As it turns out, the day we stopped nursing (his first birthday) it was a piece of cake. We switched the nightly nurse to a nightly bottle of milk then turned that into a nightly sippy cup of milk three weeks later. No problem. BUT, he still uses a pacifier.

Granted, he only uses the pacifier during naps and bedtime (and I let him have it at church because he's still missing mama a little too much in the nursery), but if a pacifier is laying around he picks it up and puts it in his mouth. What drives me crazy is when he starts grunting to communicate instead of using his "words." So I always take it out and put it away. Now I know he's only 13 months so it's not THAT big of a deal...right now. I'm just afraid of having a 3 year old with a pacifier. Actually I don't even want an 18 month old with a pacifier.

I have received different advice from different moms. Some say it's a comfort thing...who cares? It won't be forever. I understand to an extent but excuse me if I don't want a Suri Cruise walking around. Others have told me to just get rid of it cold turkey. That may start happening soon but it's just so easy to let him have it so he can get himself to sleep faster. I guess I feel almost guilty taking it away.

So yes, I contradict myself. I don't really know how I completely feel about pacifiers being used at this age. I do worry about how it will affect his teeth - how straight they are (everyone's seen the buck-teeth pacifier babies - be honest) and decay (we keep them clean and brush his teeth but still, it's something I worry about).

Any thoughts? Am I crazy? Is it a big deal? Is it going to be a big deal soon? Or do I just need to relax and let him get away with one little thing?


  1. I haven't ever had a pacifier baby but my friend has had 3. What she did was only let them have them while in bed. The pacifier NEVER left the crib when the baby got older. In her case this helped her children stay in bed (they were not good sleepers). After they got to a set age she took it away cold turkey. She said it took a few days but then the kids all pretty much forgot about it. Do what works best for you & your family. Best of luck!

  2. For Aubrey I only gave it to her during naps and at night, and then one day I cut it from one of her naps and waited a few days. Then we did the other nap and continued it with her bedtime. After a week or so we were done with the pacifier and we have never looked back. It never bothered her when she saw other babies/toddlers with pacifier's either. Good Luck!